Even though the school year is only halfway done, I feel like I’ve been in school for ages. It is a continuous cycle of sleeplessness and stress, but I still like it.

For me, school seems like an escape from the world. In school, all my focus is aimed towards my classes and friends, I don’t have to worry about some things that are at home.

One of my greatest escapes is my theatre class. I just started theatre this year and its amazing. I’ve made new friends, pursued my love of acting, and get to let out any stress or worries I have. My teacher is a large part of why I love the class. She listens when I have problems and genuinely cares about us.

Even though my parents don’t really like me being in theatre, I still find time to do things outside of school for it. For example, I was in the school play and I had the best time.

My whole point for this post is to say that there is always something that can help you escape (in a good way, not like drugs and shit) and just relax. For me, it’s school and a specific class.

That’s it…

Hasta Luego, Yet Another Blogger


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